(4)automatic feeding system in metal forging machine

Author: haloong     Time: 2017-01-21 10:42:01

    As you know,there’re many kinds of automatic material feeding system in forging machinery.And today,we will make professional discussion about C-frame press,closed-crank-press ,transfer press,high speed press.NC control material feeding device usually consist of rack shelf,coil straightening structure, pneumatic tongs feeding.There are three functions of supporting material, uncoiling and leveling.
    The unwinding mechanism releases the material slightly and hangs freely, so as to reduce the pulling force of the feeding mechanism during the feeding process and to improve the feeding accuracy. Leveling mechanism to multi-roller on the roll after the volume of material force, so that before the sheet metal stamping be corrected, help to improve product accuracy.
    Pneumatic clamp-type feeding mechanism uses compressed air as power to control the opening and closing of the clamp and the reciprocating motion to complete the feeding of the sheet. The stroke of the reciprocating movement is stepless adjustable to meet the requirements of different feeding length.
    The waste material reel is used for rewinding the waste material after pressing. If the waste material is cut and recovered when punching, it is not needed. Stamping Die Stamping Die frame is the most typical of forging machinery functional components, the first to achieve a standardized and professional production. In the mechanical press on the completion of blanking, blanking, stretching, incision and other stamping processes, are inseparable from the stamping die. Stamping die part of the punch, die installed in the stamping die, the stamping process requires a different punch, die, but can use the same stamping die. Stamping die by the template, under the template and guide columns, guided sets, has developed for different specifications, models selected press series of products, the middle of the following specifications stamping die has been standardized. Domestic production stamping die of the professional plant has a large number of stamping die frame has been produced as standard parts and sales. But the large stamping die frame is usually a special order, together with the mold by the mold manufacturer to provide complete sets of users
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