(3)cam controller in metal forging machine

Author: haloong     Time: 2017-01-19 23:00:50

Cam controller is mostly important part of mechanical presses electric control system.During a whole operating cycle of mechanical press machine,every working part of main and auxiliaries do have strict logical relationship,even the actions order and  the time taken by actions.
 Methods of deal with Working organs logical relationship:Usually the crankshaft rotation 360 ° for a week to allocate, to develop a working cycle of machinery presses the take control the actions of working structure.Cam controller is also means of actuator to distribute The crankshaft rotation Angle.Firstly ,Cam controller was fixed on axle which was synchronous revolution of bent axle and give out corresponding signal.Secondly,electric control system receipt the signal and give out signal to make working structure operation under presupposed routine.
 There are a number of domestic production of professional controller cam controller, the product quality are generally stable and reliable, OEMs take the direction of procurement of the way to support.
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