(2)Photoelectric Safety Device in metal forging machine

Author: haloong     Time: 2017-01-18 22:25:20

    Photoelectric safety device is means of setting invisible infrared ray light curtain in protected area between dangerous working area and operator.Once the operator happen to intercept the light curtain in protected area,control system will give out single to safety and arming device of forging machinery then machine will emergency cut-off to prevent from dangerous.Therefore, strictly speaking, the optical safety protection device should be called optical security protection control device.
    Photoelectric safety protection device is usually divided into two types of reflection and on-beam. The reflection type photoelectricity safety protection device is composed of the controller, the sensor and the reflector. The light curtain is sent by the sensor and is reflected by the reflector to be received by the sensor. The photoelectric safety protection device is controlled by a controller, a transmitting sensor and a receiving sensor 3 part of the composition of the light curtain by the transmitter sensor sent by the receiving sensor to be received.
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