How Press Manufacturer Deal with the Speed Down?

Author: haloong     Time: 2017-01-16 16:56:15

 screw press machine
Today ,we redactor who come from Haloong press machine is honor to talk about the speed down in press machine.As for long-playing working,speed down more or less,and working efficiency of operations came bad.And then,we’d better to find out failure cause and maintenance to improve the working speed as soon as possible.haloong press supplier will give suggestion as below:
 Feeding speed down obviously especially while load increase,even if turning up speed control valve such as throttle,the speed down still.Finally ,we haloong press machine sump up experiences as below:
1.hydraulic pressure pump break down:little of export oil float,low pressure
2.Oil temperature rise,oil viscosity reduce,oil leaky then effective leak decrease.
3.Unreasonable design of hydraulic system,especially when load changed,the flux which flow into executive component will change accordingly.
4.Mixed with impurities in grease then stoppage choke,result in working speed down and instability.
5.Mixed air in hydraulic system,method:clean flow valve,change pollution oil,empty mixed air
6.Overflow valve is permanent deformation or mistake with soft spring.The main spool damping hole is blocked, the main spool stuck in the small opening position, resulting in part of the hydraulic pump output pressure oil overflow tank, into the effective component of the effective flow reduction, resulting in the implementation of components into the movement speed. Remedy: to take measures to eliminate the pressure relief valve and other pressure valve does not go up trouble.
7.the system components inside and outside the serious leakage into the hydraulic cylinder to implement the flow of the chamber to reduce the flow of the implementation of components into the movement speed. Remedy: a clear internal and external leakage causes and location, to replace the wear and tear elements and other measures to eliminate internal and external leakage.
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