The difference between the electric screw press CNC and SPC

Author: haloong     Time: 2017-03-09 09:09:15

The difference between the electric screw press CNC and SPC

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       As is known, the electric screw press have SPC and CNC, as work in SPC and CNC, what is the difference between which is more suitable for enterprise use, the following is to introduce the difference between the SPC and CNC.
  First said the SPC electric screw press, SPC program control, can be a PLC program, also can be a computer program, can also be a macro program, and so on a variety of procedures, can be controlled
  Again for the numerical control electric screw press, digital control, through the computer technology to digital control technology. Common is the various types of CNC machine tools. Simple understanding is nc range smaller, large range of SPC.
  SPC is dead don't like CNC flexible, numerical control can be very flexible to set up a variety of process control, SPC for for a program to control. In the process of machining, CNC, SPC, digital display several system is often seen.
1. CNC system: digital control for speed, torque, displacement control.
2. SPC system: the program control, the speed and torque control.
3. Digital display system, digital display, the speed, torque, displacement, but you can't control.
  In the process of concrete use, SPC has been tuned, before they go out operation according to set procedures. CNC numerical control, can be arbitrarily set, so the technical, flexibility, accuracy is much higher, model of equipment.

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