the difference between electric screw press and the crank

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The difference between electric screw press and the crank press

Structure :  

   Electric screw press have the advantages of small volume,short of transmission chain,easy to operate,security of operation with compact structure,also have good tightness and reduce the maintenance load. 
Press against the energy can be accurately set, force have showed that can be adjusted according to the forming precision of energy, force, to reduce the mold, mechanical stress and thermal contact time, extend the life of the saving screw press have two transfer forms: one is the level of gear transmission electric screw press, the specifications of 0.4 MN ~ 80 MN, the other is a direct drive type electric screw press, the specifications of 0.16 MN ~ 16 MN.Press frame rigidity, high precision sliding block guide, partial load resistance is strong, can be used for multi-station die forging, is a new kind of energy conservation and environmental friendly press.
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Crank press including fuselage, horizontal placed at the bottom of the fuselage on both ends of the crankshaft, respectively with the crankshaft and the double connecting rod hinged slider, located at the connecting rod at the top of the slide block, located in the slider at the bottom of the counter, is located in the left lateral and through the flywheel, clutch is connected to the crankshaft include ball guide.  
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        crank press machine

working principle  : 
Servo screw press is less occupying area with compact structure has short transmission chain and save labor and maintenance costs.
According to the forging forming process, adjust the impact force and combat energy, forging forming high precision, mold stress is small, mold life is long. The use of advanced motor drive electrical control technology, press work, will not have an impact on the power grid and affect the normal operation of other equipment.
   Crank press is one of the most commonly used cold stamping equipment, used for cold stamping die working platform.Its structure is simple, easy to use.In the crank press, slider on the crank shaft installation, due to the rotation of the crank shaft and vertical reciprocating at a stroke, and to die stamping workpiece by forming the required product.A slider-crank mechanism converts the rotary motion of the motor to the slider of the straight line reciprocating movement, forming of billet forging machinery.Mechanical press action is smooth, reliable operation, widely used in stamping, extrusion, forging and powder metallurgy technology

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