Analysis of influencing factors about press machine?

Author: haloong     Time: 2017-04-24 17:18:11

What most influence press machine?How does press machine set the set motion curve?Now we’ll analyze several factors as fellow:
Firstly,what influence the servo press machine? 
    China's press machine the development of the impact by the servo motor is relatively heavy, the current use of servo motor-driven press machine are mainly small tonnage of the press. In order to break the restrictions on the servo motor, hybrid drive is the current development of a press direction. This hybrid drive press is constructed in a differential manner. 

Secondly:how does the press machine set motion curve?
  The slider movement curve of the press machine can be set according to the stamping process, and the stroke can be adjusted. This press is mainly for difficult forming materials, complex shape parts of the high-precision forming. Greatly improving the accuracy of the press machine and punching efficiency, but also canceled the flywheel, clutch and other components, reduce production costs, energy conservation. Because of its servo function, the slider motion curve is no longer just sinusoidal curve, but can be optimized according to process requirements for any curve design.

Thirdly:press machine have the functions as fellow:
1. On-line press-fit quality judgment: Pressing force and displacement The whole process curve can be displayed on the LCD touch screen; the whole process control can automatically determine whether the product is qualified at any stage during the operation, 100% real-time removal of defective products Realize online quality management.
2. Press force, press the depth, pressure loading speed, holding time and so on all the operation panel can be numerical input, the interface is simple, easy to operate.
3. Can customize, store, call the pressure package 100 sets: three press-fit mode to choose from, to meet the needs of different processes.
4. Through the external port to connect the computer, you can press the data stored in the computer to ensure that the product processing data traceability, easy to produce quality control management.
5. Because the machine itself has precise pressure and displacement control function, so no additional tooling on the hard limit, processing different specifications of the product only need to call a different press program, so you can easily achieve a multi-purpose and flexible Group line super versatility and flexibility, intelligent level.
Fourthly, the specific advantages of press machine:
1. With sufficient strength, good orientation and wear resistance, and reliable, simple structure, easy manufacturing, easy maintenance.
2. Not only can meet the needs of various machinery and equipment movement can achieve frequent commutation, hair enough power.
3. Small size, light weight, speed, and long life; sealed and reliable, small friction leakage.
4. Four-column hydraulic press inertia is small, easy to achieve remote control and automatic, small force, control, can be divided into linear mobile class.
5. If the hydraulic action, but also can be divided cylinder.
6. According to the structure, can also be divided into many types of hydraulic

   cylinders, if the hydraulic cylinder and rotary swing hydraulic cylinder for the two-acting hydraulic cylinder and double-acting telescopic sleeve hydraulic cylinder and rack swing Four-column hydraulic press piston hydraulic cylinder, plunger hydraulic cylinder, plunger and telescopic sleeve type three and the blade swing swing hydraulic cylinder.

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