Pressing Machine reform to Improve the Working Efficiency I

Author: haloong     Time: 2017-04-25 16:39:59

   Whether Enhance the quality and Capacity or reduce Labor intensity of manual stamping line could be realized by fully automatic stamping line.To achieve the press machine and automation equipment, good communication and coordination of work, the original press machine must be modified. The traditional presses are adapted to the automated production transformation, including the establishment of the interactive signal between the press and the automation equipment, the modification of the press PLC and the touch screen program, the automatic identification of the mold, the automatic clamping of the mold and the safety protection interlocking.
   The rapid development of the automotive industry, making the modern stamping production line to high-speed, high-quality, automation, flexible direction. Traditional stamping production line manual operation, manual feeding mode of production has been unable to meet the needs of the industry, and the new stamping line construction cycle is long, high cost, there are potential problems such as excess capacity, the need for long-term strategic planning to implement. The traditional hand-line automation, can achieve high-speed, high-quality, low investment and short cycle and a series of advantages, is a more ideal program.
    The traditional manual press machine line in order to achieve the press and automation equipment on the whole line, must be the traditional press line of the original press transformation, including the establishment of presses and automation equipment between the signal link, the transformation of the press safety circuit, improve the press Machine and automation equipment between the signal interaction, man-machine interface changes, automation interlocking and other aspects.
Automatic device and press interaction signal as shown:
    Presses to provide the signal to the automation equipment: press machine emergency stop signal; press safety fence signal; press slider position detection signal; press selection online automatic operation mode (press automation mode running normally waiting for the automation equipment to start the trip signal)
    The  Automatic to the press equipment to provide the signal: automatic double-loop emergency stop signal, all the way to directly control the clutch - brake solenoid valve lines, all the way to do PLC input point, as the display shows the emergency stop signal source; automatic double-loop safety fence signal, all the way directly Control the clutch - brake solenoid valve line, all the way to do the PLC input point, as the display display automation fence signal source; automatic two-way RELEASE PRESS signal access press PLC system; automatic two-way STARTPRESS signal (NO NO, all the way NC) access Press PLC system, as the automatic connection mode to start the press machine stroke signal. This signal should be retained after 180 ° of the stroke of the carriage, depending on the press stroke control requirements.
     The establishment of interactive signals, including automatic presses, manual work mode selection, press the slider position signal, presses and automation equipment signal exchange, security interlock and so on, the specific implementation is as follows:
(1) automatic on-line operation and press machine to adjust the work of choice, there are two kinds of control options: way one, in the press control panel to increase the two position with a key knob, double contact input PLC for gating single or online operation Mode 2, in the press control panel to add two positions with a key knob, double contact input PILZ-PNOZS5 type safety relay, safety relay control dual relay, and then gated single or online running mode. The two methods proposed the use of two ways, two-way output relay with self-test function, security,
higher reliability.
⑵ press the slider position signal detection and transmission, can be added in the electronic cam access to the rotary encoder, the signal line directly access to the automatic control box.
press machine and automation equipment between the signal exchange, in the pressure cabinet to increase ET200S and intermediate relays. The ET200S remote I / O board in the press control cabinet is connected with the PLC control system of the press to realize the communication between the press and the automation. The communication between the automatic control equipment and the press can be realized by applying the press PLC Control system modules IA122 and OC255; output access to the intermediate relay.
⑷ The safety signal interlock between the press and the automation equipment can be realized by adding safety relays, PROFISAFE and safety modules.

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