Pressing Machine reform to Improve the Working Efficiency II

Author: haloong     Time: 2017-04-25 16:38:27

1. Transformation of electrical components
press machine automate the transformation of major electrical components, including ET200S, intermediate relays, key knobs, test switches, cables, safety relays and connection terminals.
2. Increase detection, identification and clamping function
To automate the production of presses, press machine are required to have material inspection, mold clamping, mold identification and other functions. And the press itself can not detect the stamping state of the material in the mold, through the above transformation to achieve this function.
3. Material inspection and mold identification
Press machine to the mold terminal to provide two 24V DC power supply, all the way as a sheet metal detection use, the other way as a mold number identification, the mold on the terminal in the form of binary short, press the mold through the short The signal automatically recognizes its number and adjusts and adjusts the mold parameters, while giving the automation system the mold number. The specific operation is to set the mold detection and identification socket on the press working table and mold, and connect with the PLC through the electronic control station to realize the recognition function.
4. Self-shifting upper mold clamping device
The traditional manual line is the manual operation of the workers, the upper mold clamping is also clamped by clamping bolts. Automated requirements are fully enclosed, operated by the operator panel or automatically clamped. Self-shifting mold clamps are driven by compressed air, provided by the pressure oil clamping force, the installation of the need to increase the way to do the driving force of compressed air, increase the way the oil and pump to provide clamping pressure oil. Electrical two additional detection switch, in place and the initial state of detection, the signal provided to the press PLC, PLC and then control the clamping device according to the walking, clamping and relaxation.
5. PLC program modification, optimization
The control of the press control program is mainly to modify and optimize the original PLC program, to increase the automatic conditions of the press, to increase the automatic operation of the press with the press part, and to increase the relevant part of the automatic alarm function, increase the mold clamping device automatic walking control, transformation Safety fence detection circuit.
6. Increased press automation conditions
Increased press automation conditions, including manual and automatic mode switching, presses Slide position signal detection and transmission, presses and automation equipment between the signal exchange, presses and automation equipment between the safety signal interlock, mold Identification and material testing, and so on.
7. The establishment of presses and automation equipment interaction signal
The establishment of the interactive signal, including the press control system to accept the automation enable signal, modify the emergency stop signal, increase the automation and press the online running part, and increase the relevant part of the automatic alarm function, modify the safety fence signal, modify the display program, display automation Status and automation control of the I / O operation.
8. Increased mold recognition and self - shifting upper mold clamping control
To achieve automation requires the press to detect whether the mold has a material detection function, in order to meet the automated production needs, to achieve automatic mold, the press machine must have a mold recognition function to ensure the accuracy of the use of mold. Before the production, the pressure on the use of the mold number and the entire line set the program number to do, once the inconsistent pressure opportunity to automatically alarm, prompting staff to replace the correct mold to avoid improper use of mold caused by the accident. In the press to increase the function of receiving the signal from the receiving mold, and identify the signal, the press according to the signal recognition call the relevant parameters have been saved, and automatically modify. The press also increases the function of the upper mold clamping device control signal, according to the whole line state by the press PLC control clamp to walk, clamp and relax.
9. Security interlock optimization
The contents of the safety interlocking optimization include increasing the safety door alarm signal, the interlocking of the press and the automation equipment, the material detection and mold clamping control, and the optimization of the pressure control program.
10. Press control for touch screen program optimization
Presses control the touch screen program optimization, including the increase in automation and press the online running part, and increase the automation related part of the alarm items, modify, optimize the original PRO-FACE touch screen program, show the entire line press operating conditions and fault points.
11. Fault signal
Program optimization requires that the location and contents of the failure occur on the console of the main console and associated units, the location of the emergency stop button, the emergency stop button, the "entry into the console" and the main console, Displays the communication signal status.
12. Mold and clamp state
Program optimization also requires the display of the mold on the screen control panel material display, display the mold number and related parameters, increase the mold clamp selection screen, display mold clamping device position and status.
13. Safety protection transformation
    Safety is a very important part of the automation line, in order to prevent man-made causes of equipment, personal injury accident, the whole line installed safety fence, monitoring the entire line of security risks, linkage interlock. Press the original safety door electrical circuit is a single loop control, there are security risks, into a fence double loop detection. For the purpose of safety monitoring, the use of PILZ safety relays, the use of strong and weak separation switch, equipped with a master switch and emergency stop switch, from the pressure inside the electrical cabinet emergency stop and the pressure machine fence door connection to the main control cabinet Within the PILZ safety relay inside. The press is reserved for automatic connection of the signal input and output ports, which are prepared by means of a junction box or terminal device. The specific operation of the program is: in each security door to install a mechanical safety lock, and each security lock signal is connected to the automatic control system control cabinet ET200S. On the basis of preserving the original safety door detection switch, increase the detection switch and related cable, access the press control system, and the two-way safety door detection at the same time from the safety protection. In order to ensure the safety and safety of the equipment, safety products (safety relays, safety switches, safety plugs, etc.) conforming to EN954-1 are adopted in the field and connected with the fieldbus via PROFISAFE. The electrical circuit uses the double relay passive contact output, uses the PILZ safety relay control, ensures the signal is safe and reliable.

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