Servo brick press from which three aspects to improve the molding success rate

Author: haloong     Time: 2021-07-02 15:58:14

In the process of firebrick forming,the success rate of firebrick forming is low because the problem of stratification cracking cannot be solved effectively.The whole process of digital control of servo brick press can accurately control each step and reduce the probability of layer crack.The servo brick press from which three aspects to improve the molding success rate.

servo brick press

First,the simulation of artificial strike technology

The servo brick press is driven by servo motor,which can realize the free change of single stroke from high to low speed,and can simulate the artificial strike technology.servo brick press brick in the molding process according to the"light first,then heavy,slowly lift up"procedures to operate."First light"is mainly in order to discharge the residual gas in the brick is reduced after the elastic effect.The"afterweight"is to increase the density of the brick."Slow head up"is to slow down the decompression speed,reduce the elastic aftereffect,and increase the success rate of the product.

Two,precise control of pressure relief

servo brick press can set the number of blows,strength,speed,etc.,to realize the process of programmed control molding.The pressure and pressure relief speed can be controlled at will to ensure the reasonable distribution of pressure in time and space.It is favorable for gas elimination and automatic control,and the brick with uniform density,precise size and few lamination cracks is obtained,and the brick with high quality is obtained.

brick press

Three,double-sided pressure

Servo brick press machine is equipped with a spring worktable,in the forming of the spring worktable under the downward pressure of the slide block will rebound on the reverse side of the brick pressure,so as to complete the two-sided pressure on the brick.Double-sided pressure to ensure that each surface of the brick can be uniformly stressed,to ensure that there is no dead Angle,improve the qualified rate and success rate of products.

The key to the success of refractory brick forming is whether it can avoid stratification.The stratification is often removed by one,two,three,and multiple processes,but it is often difficult to remove the phenomenon.Digital control of single Hualong servo brick press can reduce layer cracking,greatly improve the quality of brick and ensure production efficiency.

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