Why is the precision of servo press so high

Author: haloong     Time: 2021-07-05 16:22:44

Servo brick press molding machine and press the traditional concept of mechanical press is different,it is the combination of high and new technology with the traditional mechanical technology,using the professional development of control software convert customer input digital instruction to practical action,in order to achieve the effect of artificial blow,and the accuracy is the key to realize the purpose,that how to control the servo brick press molding machine precision,hit the error range.

servo press brick

One,servo drive,high control precision,small strike error range

Servo press brick machine is driven by servo motor,servo motor closed-loop control system can send out tens of thousands of pulse signals,accurate positioning of products,and servo motor control precision is high,speed error is 0.0001/turn,reduce the range of strike error.

press brick

two,procedural control of the whole process to ensure the strike accuracy and reduce the strike error range

Servo brick press is controlled by PLC system,the user only needs to input the data of hitting times,strength and speed on the control end,and the system controls the equipment to complete the process according to the data input by the user,and controls the whole process programmatically,so as to ensure the striking accuracy and reduce the range of striking error

The precision of the servo press is very high,whether it is the closed loop control system or the structure and the mold can guarantee the precision of the product.Hualong servo electric screw pressure,is the best in the industry at present,can simulate mature press operators to achieve the bulk molding of products,improve the production efficiency of enterprises,enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

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