What kind of help does the servo brick presses provide for the development of refractory material enterprises

Author: haloong     Time: 2021-07-07 15:35:07

The current quality of refractory material enterprises has improved,but big but not strong,backward overcapacity and other problems still exist.Resistant material enterprises will further integrate,eliminate backward enterprises,if do not want to be eliminated,to make changes.In the production link of resistant material enterprises,the forming link is very critical,and the servo brick presses brick machine,as a leader in the forming equipment,can reduce the cost and increase the income for enterprises.

brick presses

First,high quality,automatic docking,intelligent

Servo brick press 2.0 frame body,10 years can withstand tens of millions of attacks,can be seamless docking automation,intelligent,to achieve full automatic production;Moreover,the wide workbench of servo brick presses brick machine can realize more products and improve the economic benefits of enterprises.

brick presses

Second,to extend the product process to create more high value-added products

The servo brick presses adopts digital control,fast reaction speed,accurate control of striking energy and flexible control.Not only for the enterprise in the product process has a greater extension of expansion,to create more high value-added products,but also reduce the enterprise production energy consumption.

Servo brick presses automation,high degree of intelligence,can effectively reduce production costs,increase enterprise profits,at the same time,servo brick press can be seamlessly connected with other automation equipment,for the full realization of automation to lay the foundation.

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