Automatic brick production line from which three aspects to achieve clean production

Author: haloong     Time: 2021-07-09 15:21:21

In the context of reducing capacity,adjusting structure,promoting transformation and environmental protection,refractory materials enterprises will be eliminated if they do not make changes.Some high quality refractory material enterprises have started to implement cleaner production by introducing or transforming automatic brick production lines and changing production relations.Cleaner production is to reduce environmental pollution by improving the utilization of resources.So how does an automated brick production line achieve cleaner production?

automatic brick production line

First,reduce dust and noise pollution

Dust removal system is installed at the feeding port and unloading port of the weighing car and electronic hopper scale in the batching link of automatic brick production line,which effectively solves the problem of dust flying in the process of feeding and unloading.In the mixing process,the mixer is fully closed and runs without dust.Forming link,servo electric screw press driven by servo motor,simple structure,low noise and low energy consumption when the equipment is running.Through these measures,dust pollution and noise pollution are effectively reduced.

Second,improve the utilization rate of resources,reduce energy consumption

Automatic brick production line from the batching,mixing,cloth,forming every step is digital control,in the batching,cloth product proportion and weight are very precise,reduce unnecessary waste and improve the utilization of resources;In terms of energy consumption,each link of the equipment only produces energy consumption during operation.Once the work stops,it will not continue to run and there will be no idling,which effectively reduces energy consumption.

automatic brick production line

Third,enterprises should establish 5S work standards and consolidate achievements

Although the automatic brick production line is good,it also needs daily maintenance.Enterprises can set 5S work standard to divide the work,and can set work standard from the aspects of workshop hygiene,equipment maintenance and cleaning.Be diligent in maintenance and cleaning,so that the automatic brick production line can run more smoothly and consolidate the results.

The automatic brick production line has laid a solid foundation for the resistant material enterprises to build green factories and realize clean production.Hualong machinery with professional technology to manufacture professional equipment,the research and development of the resistant material production line is practical,good effect,Hualong sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life sincere cooperation.

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