Why do refractory materials enterprises need to carry out intelligent automation transformation on the fire brick production line

Author: haloong     Time: 2021-07-14 15:48:52

Therefractories enterprises has started a new chapter of eliminating backward production capacity,improving industrial concentration,and enhancing competitiveness through enterprise merger and reorganization.The resources owned by the superior resistant material enterprises accounted for the majority,while the resources left for small and medium-sized enterprises accounted for only a small part;Small and medium-sized enterprises are facing the situation of being eliminated or annexed.If they want to get rid of this situation,they need to start from the production mode and complete the intelligent and automatic transformation of the fire brick production line.

fire brick production line

first,Upgrade and transform equipment to reduce production energy consumption

After the automatic transformation of each link of equipment,each link can realize seamless docking,forming a whole,so that each link to achieve complementary,effectively reduce the production energy consumption,improve the production efficiency.

fire brick production line

Second,with the Internet of Things,intelligent management

The PLC system control of automation equipment in each link of the production line can be connected to the Internet of Things to form intensive management and achieve visualization of energy,equipment and production:

Energy visualization--master the energy consumption cost in production,and make targeted energy saving plans through data analysis.

Equipment visualization--master the operating state of the equipment,generate various curves and optimize the molding process according to the needs,and maintain the equipment according to the preset timing reminder of the system.

Production visualization--according to the needs of generation management,production reports can be generated according to groups,transformation,date,etc.,which is convenient for production statistics.

The modified fire brick production line can help the enterprise to integrate resources,strengthen management and improve the productivity of the enterprise.With the further integration of resources in the industry,the fire brick production line will play a more and more important role.

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