Why electric screw press is more suitable for the pressing of refractory brick

Author: haloong     Time: 2020-04-13 14:11:17

Press is the largest investment part of  refractory production plant , the choice of the press for their own factory is very important, in general, the press selection needs to consider the following two aspects: one is the capacity problem, the second is the press model problem.

Refractory press equipment mainly concentrated in three categories: friction press, electric screw press, hydraulic press.

Friction press has low efficiency, large power consumption, fast wear, high replacement rate of accessories, has been divided into the elimination.Electric screw press is simple in structure, easy to operate, not easy to breakdown , safe and efficient, and has become the leading model of refractory enterprises.Hydraulic press suitable for single product production, but poor flexibility, suitable for large-scale industrial production.

Refractory companies choose press, whether choose the friction press or electric screw press has been no doubt, friction press itself is already obsolete products, the company long-term development optimization is electric screw press, despite its manufacturing cost is high, but its safety, save electricity, costs are significant?advantage?than those of friction screw press.

Taking Haloong servo electric screw press as an example, we will understand the advantages of electric screw press.

refractory plant working site
Refractory plant working site

Haloong electric screw press is driven by servomotor, with small error, precise force control and high pass rate.Motor start-up when molding,power saving 55%.Simulate the manual strike process,continuous strikes effect is better.Touch screen can digitally set various product parameters, monitor production, ensure production safety.One-button operation, flexible and convenient, save labor.The electric screw press adopts the program control grease lubrication system, the regular lubrication, realizes the free maintenance, increases the service life of the equipment, reduces the production cost.

To sum up, the electric screw press is conducive to the production of refractory bricks with higher quality and more high added value, to improve the production range of enterprise products, and to improve the production efficiency of enterprises. Electric screw press is undoubtedly more suitable for most of the refractory material enterprises.

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