What are the three advantages of short transmission chain of servo brick press

Author: haloong     Time: 2021-06-30 15:23:17

Servo brick press with high accuracy,stable transmission,the product precision,consistency is very high,favored by the resistant material enterprises.And the servo brick press is mainly composed of servo motor,flat wheel,maintenance platform,beam,column,slider,base seven parts,easier to operate than the traditional resistant material forming equipment,less wearing parts to maintain convenient,the transmission chain is short,easier to transport energy,the transmission chain short to the servo brick press what advantages?

brick press

First,reduce energy consumption

Servo brick press is directly driven by the servo motor to execute the structure of the operation,because of the simple structure of the transmission chain is less most of the components,shorten the transmission chain to eliminate the energy loss of mechanical friction.The dynamic response performance of the whole closed-loop control system is greatly improved,which can rapidly and continuously strike and reduce the energy consumption.

Second,reduce the range of positioning error

When the transmission chain is short,the positioning error range can be reduced,the positioning accuracy can be improved,the energy control can be improved,the production of high added value products can be completed,and the application range can be expanded.

brick press

Three,less wearing parts are easy to maintain

Servo brick press is composed of seven parts.The structure is relatively simple,so the transmission chain is shortened.Transmission chain shortening reduces wearing parts,greatly improve the quality of equipment,equipment maintenance is also convenient,reduce the cost of expenditure.

Servo brick press transmission chain is short to reduce energy consumption,but also reduce the wear of the transmission chain,the energy brought by the servo motor will be fully utilized,improve the work efficiency,but also improve the success rate of the product.

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