High precision electric servo press

Author: haloong     Time: 2016-12-07 17:08:18

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  Zhengzhou haloong machinery have search and product high precision electric servo press,and with the facts of premium quality ,flexible price,simple structure,it have been the star product and catch the most eyes in machinery.
   To expand the market space, enhance market competitiveness,haloong machinery make full use of independent intellectual property rights and powerful machinery producing,to search and process high precision servo presses to adapt the market change.haloong servo press manufacturer adopt the AC servomotor driving,to change the rotary force to the vertical direction by high precision ball-screw, as well control and manage the pressure by pressure transducer which fixed in driving device.For the purpose to control the pressure,stop site,driving speed,stop time,as well make sure of closed-loop control the pressure and pressure depth wholly.

   what’s more,haloong servo press also equip with touch screen and safety grating,for the purpose to Set some other speeds and work modes, To complete two or more pressure needs,thereby make sure of prefect producing.Precision electronic servo press has a low noise, low energy consumption for safe use and maintenance cost low characteristic, its application field is very wide, especially in automotive engine drive shaft steering parts processing precision electronic products such as image processing technology of core parts precision machining precision of motor bearing performance testing and other precision pressure testing automation assembly line applications
Zhengzhou hualong machinery manufacture co., Ltd., has a good reputation, is also a leading enterprise in the refractory material industry customers with hualong machinery, China's high praise, we also can live up to the expectations of customers, has been trying to advance, hualong machinery, welcome you to come to the choose and buy
AC:Alternating current
                DC:direct current

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