Advantages of Haloong electric screw press machine

Author: haloong     Time: 2016-12-30 14:26:13

The servomotor CNC press machine produced by Haloong is the only one who can be called CNC electric screw press in China, that is because of its features of easy operation, extremely high humanization, and the electric part and control system Haloong adopts are the most advanced synchronous servomotor which has the advantages of quick response and high production efficiency. Besides, the technology of speed adjustable digitally and freely within one single stroke is no one can compare within domestic market.
During processing, CNC electric screw press, program controlled electric screw press and digital display electric screw press are the most common ones.

cnc servo press machine

1. CNC electric screw press: control the speed, torque, and displacement digitally.
2. Program controlled electric screw press: program controlled; control the speed and torque.
3. Digital display electric screw press: digital display the speed, torque and displacement, but without control.
Besides, CNC electric screw press machine can set parameters for many kinds progress freely, while program controlled electric screw press can only control a certain procedure. During working, the program controlled electric screw press has been set well before delivery by manufacturer and user operate it according to the program.
CNC electric screw press is digital control and user can set the parameters freely, thus the technicality, flexibility and precision is much higher. That is why the price of CNC electric screw press is much higher than the program controlled electric screw press for the same model. 

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