Difference between Screw Press and Precision Forging Machine

Author: haloong     Time: 2017-01-09 16:54:12

    screw press machine and coining press
    Whether power screw press or forging press were wildly apply to forging industry.But they are assuredly two kinds of equipment and the difference as below:
    Automatic screw press also called as coining press,and were divided into Switched reluctance servo drive type,Variable frequency drive and permanent magnet servo drive.especially the switched reluctance servo driving type have advantage for high stabilization and high precision than the other devices.
    As for coining press is more suitable for thermo-forging industry as the advantage for high speed,high precision,saving in raw material,long lifespan in mould,powerful below, strong anti deviated load and were more welcomed in single-step,multistage.
    As the fact,we’d better make intelligence choose according actual situation for electric screw press or anyone else.after all,The nature of the work determines what kind of equipment is more appropriate.

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