Maintenance for Mechanical Parts in CNC Power Press

Author: haloong     Time: 2017-01-10 17:10:49

maintenance the cnc power press machine
For zhengzhou haloong machinery HLDS series electric screw press,six suggestions about maintenance and repair as below:
1. Check the slide ,pressure plate and bolt if fastening
2. Check fastening nut and nut pressure plate if fastening
3. Check brake cylinder and fastening nut if fastening,check brake band if abrasion
4. Regularly check the tightness of the ejector cylinder bolts of the electric screw press.
5. Each class should check the electric screw press rail gap and adjust the fastening.
6. Three months to check the electric screw press spherical bearing clearance, if the gap is too large, when the sound of the fight, adjustable locking nut to adjust the spherical bearing clearance in 0.5 mm.

Haloong electric screw press is designed for producing various types of metal wares. The press machine is also named as power screw press, forging / forge press, cold press, stamping press and punching machine. After replacing a proper mold, this electric screw press machine can also producing various refractory bricks. Therefore, the press machine can be named as hot die forging press or hot molding press.
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