the forging of titanium alloy human joints

Author: haloong     Time: 2018-09-05 15:54:14

This video shows the forging of titanium alloy human joints in the modificated 400 ton friction press made by a customer of Haloong. The modified friction press is driven by servo motor, digital automatic control, accurate energy and stroke control, free from human factors, good product consistency and high pass rate.

At the same time, ZhengZhou Halong machinery also provides forging press, no mechanical transmission, servo motor direct drive, high transmission efficiency, low fault rate, fast motor speed, large rotation distance, digital control of energy release, can full the various technological requirements of forging strike. Used for die forging, fine pressing, correction, bending, stamping and other processes. Is the train, automobile, tractor, aviation, hardware tools, medical equipment, tableware and other industries ideal forging press.

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