1000 tons hot forging press site

Author: haloong     Time: 2019-01-04 14:28:41

This video showing a case of 1000 tons Electrical screw press from a client.By using of hot forging process,being forged on the enough tonnage electrical screw press,there should be enough forging ratio so that all section can be forged, get homogeneous texture.

Machine work after heat treatment:mechanical properties of cog-wheel coupling qualified,the forged pieces should be forged according to clients’ specified dimensions and surface roughness.However, if the cutting amount of any surface exceeds 5mm, the forgings must undergo stress removal treatment.

 Heat treatment after forging:tooth coupling should be heat treatment after forging to improve texture and machinability.Rough machining:The forging properties should be roughed before heat treatment, leaving a minimum machining allowance.Heat treatment of properties: forgings shall be quenched and tempered to achieve the desired properties.

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