Firebrick automatic modification site

Author: haloong     Time: 2019-02-11 09:40:23

This video mainly shows the Haloong’s automated modification site of a high alumina brick customer.

1. Realize automation of batching system. The system can effectively improve the accuracy of batching, improve product quality, greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve work efficiency and improve the working environment. Basically make the mixing workshop dust free and the mixing work unmanned, reduce the production cost and management intensity of the enterprise, and improve the technical level of the enterprise's production equipment and the scientific and technological content of the product.

2. Automation of firebrick forming. The previous friction screw press was modified into servo motor numerical control press. At the same time, the automatic production of weighing and feeding material, brick taking out can be realized by using volumetric feeding and hydraulic ejection system. Not only improved the production efficiency of the product, but also greatly reduced the labor intensity and labors.

At the same time, Haloong firebrick automatic modification can customize exclusive automatic modification scheme according to the production situation of each enterprise, so as to help each refractory enterprise to achieve the maximum production and benefit.

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