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  In recent years, by the subject to the downstream industry, As the decline of refractories production and profit,he situation is not optimistic.
Now, eliminate the backward production and support innovative technology can be described as a good medicine to reach sustainable development sustainable and successful transformation
  Hualong HLDS Series servo press which was development and manufacturing under this circumstances. Zhengzhou Hualong HLDS Series servo CNC electric screw press consists of servo permanent magnet motor drive system, digital control system, intelligent safety protection system, intelligent lubrication system, one-button control system and so on.
  Servo cnc punching press machine Digitally set the blow frequency and blow intensity according to the refractory product process of user, to realize the effect of press lightly to exhaust first and then strike heavily for shaping. Reduce man-made factors and ensure the product quality.
  Good product consistency and high qualified rate.
Servo motor controls precisely, which ensures the consistency for product density and dimension, improves the qualified rate of product in the case of the same batch bricks have the same process parameters.
  In addition, in order to further reduce the user's production costs,we design one-click operation,only one person, so that our users wond’t be bothered about to find bricks master.
The motor is stable, and widely used in the aerospace, high-speed rail, military, shield machines,showing its high reliability, what’s more,it’s the most energy-efficient drive motor, assembled in the HLDS series press, power can still achieve percent Of sixty-five. HLDS series of servo CNC presses use servo motor direct drive to further reduce the cost of the late use. To ensure the safety of workers, HLDS series servo CNC presses are equipped with mechanical, electrical and other four security measures.

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