would press machine be obsoleted by Deindustrialization?

Author: haloong     Time: 2017-02-13 16:57:40

  July 11, the Ministry of Industry announced in 2011 18 industrial industries to eliminate backward production capacity objectives and tasks, requiring all localities to ensure that the task of eliminating backward production capacity can be completed by the end of the year. The country has 2255 enterprises are facing backward production capacity pressure, and all 18 industries to eliminate backward production capacity tasks have increased, some industries even more than 100% increase. Among them, the cement need to eliminate production capacity of 153.27 million tons, iron and steel smelting industry to eliminate backward iron-smelting capacity of 31.22 million tons, 27.94 million tons of steel production capacity.
  Chief Engineer of the Ministry of Industry and Industry Zhu Hong: the current high energy consumption and heavy industry, and some areas hope that in the second five years of the beginning of the year to strive for early entry project.
  China Union Iron and Steel Network analyst Hu Yanping: After entering the 12th Five-Year, the elimination of backward production capacity and energy-saving emission reduction task is more arduous. If you do not increase the intensity of the elimination, the year may be difficult to complete the task.
  As the elimination of backward production capacity bear the brunt of the cement industry, this year, the proportion of backward production capacity out of 7.16%, which is related to the listed companies constitute a direct positive, last year there have been "elimination of backward production quotes" or will repeat itself.
  Although the efforts to increase the elimination of backward production capacity is expected, but the actual elimination of production capacity is still large, the market supply will have a significant impact, industry leaders or will significantly benefit.

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