Do you still want to buy friction press?

Author: haloong     Time: 2018-08-17 16:34:14

For a variety of reasons, some companies are still using double-disc friction presses, which are simple in structure and cheap in price. But the technology of double disc friction press is old, difficult to control the strike accuracy, and energy efficiency is low. In China in 1999, it has been included in the list of "elimination of backward production capacity, technology and products". At the present stage, in some industries, especially the refractory industry, there is a trend of overall elimination of friction press.

There are still some businesses that are still stuck between being able to use and not having the money to buy electric screw presses. Although I also know that my own production has a variety of problems, their own workers have a variety of problems. But the capital problem is always a big obstacle that restricts oneself to go forward.

At present, the traditional production line has relatively small investment at the initial stage of construction, but with the expansion of market demand and the continuous rise of labor costs, its inherent inefficiency and poor product quality stability have increasingly affected the development of enterprises. Automated production lines are the perfect solution to these problems. Higher production efficiency, stable product quality and lower production cost per unit under the condition of large-scale production are the advantages of automatic production line. However, automatic butt joint two-disc friction press cannot be completed, so new electric screw press must be purchased.

electric serew press

Servo CNC electric screw press does not need experienced operator, press the button to open the brick operation, greatly reduced the labor intensity of workers and enterprises labor costs. Even if is opposite the different brick, special the different brick, the porous brick's molding, does not need the experienced operator, but may realize the mature production, the quality, the efficiency double safeguard.

On the other hand, when the servo numerical control electric screw press is out of power, the motor immediately closes the brake and adds the emergency stop button. After pressing the button, the slide bar rises to the top immediately, thus avoiding safety accident. Also energy - saving, electric screw press saves about 55% energy than friction press machine.

You may have put in a small amount of money to buy a friction press, but if you make a long-term calculation, electric screw presses do more than improve the quality of your product and expand the range of production. The cost of production is also for you to save a lot of electricity, for your reduction of substandard products, waste. Which one is not money?

In such a constantly changing, fierce market competition, do not change, how to develop. Friction press has to exit the market, you do not eliminate it first, then the market will eliminate you. When you really wait for it to go out of business, perhaps the difference between you and your opponent is not the distance of an electric screw press,but the distance of a fully automated firebrick production.

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