HALOONG electric screw press continues to export

Author: haloong     Time: 2018-09-19 14:59:25

With the opening of Haloong in foreign market, more and more enterprises begin to know Haloong. Through constant communication and visit. Haloong has also entered into cooperation and long-term cooperation with more and more customers, opening the road to the world market.
Foreign customer visit the electric  screw press customer site

Foreign customer visit the electric  screw press customer site

The main products include servo numerical control press, electric screw press, automatic fire brick production line, forging production line, automatic fire ball press, automatic weighing and feeding system, automatic brick stacking robot.
 Foreign customer electric screw press delivery

Foreign customer electric screw press delivery

Over the years, ZhengZhou Haloong has improved its overall technical quality by relying on scientific and technological progress, strict technological procedures, complete testing methods and perfect management system. A number of products have obtained national patents, ISO quality certification, eu CE certification, SGS quality certification. All products of ZhengZhou Haloong are manufactured according to the process standard of machine tool, which not only ensures the stability of product performance, but also provides reliable guarantee for enterprise's production quality, efficiency and safety.
Installation in Foreign electric screw press customer's plant

Installation in Foreign electric screw press customer's plant

ZhengZhou Haloong warmly welcomes enterprises from all over the world to visit us, inspect and establish cooperative relations.

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