CNC servo press from Haloong

Author: haloong     Time: 2019-08-28 16:56:31

   Hualong, a CNC press manufacturer in China has also carried out the research and development of high efficiency and low carbon press. The researchers study Germany Weingarten, Lascaux, the characteristics of Japan and other Enomoto company production of electric screw press, research and development success with international advanced level of CNC servo electric screw press.
CNC Servo Press Machine

  Our HLDS series CNC press products, using water-cooled servo motor drive control, its performance is unmatched by other kinds of press. It has short stroke fast attack, double overload, long running temperature, free maintenance, more energy saving and other advantages, and can accurately control the thickness of brick, fast response speed, stable operation. Whether is refractory factory equipment renewal, or new refractory factory procurement of new machine, through comparative understanding of customer, choosing Zhengzhou Hualong servo NC press.

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double disk friction press reform for 35years.

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