NC Servo Press(static type)

HLDS series static pressure type NC servo electric screw press


Haloong automatic electrical screw press is designed for producing various types of refractory bricks.

The machine is also named as power screw press, cold press, stamping pressand punching press and 
hot molding press. 

Equipped with different proper mold, this electrical srew press can also produce metalwares. 


1. Brake device      2. Maintenance platform      3. Limit switch locating iron      4. Froced lubrication system
5. Guiderail      6. Brake and ejection system control cabinet      7. Servo control cabinet touch screen
8. Servo control cabinet      9. Digital electronic oil supply system      10. Secondary hammer
11. Water-cooled synchronous servo motor      12.Maintenance ladder      13. Bumper block      
14. Limit switch      15. Slider      16.Satety raster      17. Intelligent button station      18. Floating pressure workbench

Features&principle of static pressure type press machine:

1. Static pressure press is static pressure screw, nut and bearing totally closed press. Currently, domestic electric screw press is divided into three types: exposed, semi-closed, and full-closed(static pressure type).

2. Static pressure type electric screw press works by driving the static pressure screw, static pressure nut and static pressure bearing. When screw rotates, the nut will drive slider straightly up and down to do a humanized free combat action. During all the actions, an oil-film will be formed between the bearings, the lubrication oil in the oil cylinder will be pumped into the full-auto forced lubrication oil station by special pipeline for filting, then the oil will go back to cylinder throught high pressure pipeline for reuse.

3. Such kind of full-closed static pressure type electric screw press make the screw, nut and bearing avoid worn and scratch caused by not suitable human oiling. Wear rate grately reduced makes its service life prolonged to be twice of normal screw press. Besides, it also has the features of nice appearance, clean&tidy, high efficient&energy-saving, and good performance. 


This automatic electrical screw press is a multiple functional fire bricks molding machine.

It is able to produce concrete bricks, high alumina bricks, high alumina corundum bricks,  magnesia bricks, SiC bricks, acid resistance bricks, acid proof bricks, special shapped bricks, carbon bricks, carbon graphite bricks, magnesite carbon bricks, alumina carbon bricks, silicon carbide bricks, diatomite bricks, moler bricks, zircon corundum bricks, alkali resistant bricks, cyanite bricks, magnesite calcium carbon bricks, magnesia alumina bricks, magnesite chromite bricks, monolithic refractory bricks, refractory nozzle, zircon mollite bricks, chemically bonded magnesite chrome bricks, magnesite spinel bricks, mullite bricks, multi purpose refractories, superduty bricks, high duty bricks and etc.



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