Haloong Machinery with refractory conference,helps enterprises improve level of refractory automatic equipments

Author: haloong     Time: 2019-08-01 11:18:05

"The sixth aluminum-silicon refractory materials expo" was held in Zhengzhou from July 29 to July 31, co-sponsored by the refractory materials industry associations of Henan, Shandong, Liaoning, Shanxi, Zhejiang and Guizhou provinces.
refractory brick automatic conference

Zhengzhou Hualoong machinery was founded in 1980, has always focused on the research and development of refractory related equipments, manufacturing, sales, in order to improve the refractory brick automatic molding of refractory enterprises ,continuous efforts for nearly 40 years.
refractory brick automatic speech

Haloong GM Guixing Guo was invited to give a speech on refractory material automation equipment .As a refractory production equipment manufacturing,we see,participate,and improve the process of refractory material production equipment,to help more and more refractory enterprises improve refractory brick automatic production level is our new goal.It is honored that Haloong “automatic weighing and feeding machine”rewarded as the sixth aluminum-silicon refractory materials expo recommendation award since last time Haloong CNC press.Haloong will work harder for the development of refractory industry.
refractory brick automatic certificate

On 31st, the participating enterprises went to Hualoong new project factory area together, visited our production base of auto weighing and feeding  machine and electric screw press machine, and watched the automatic system of robot picking and stacking bricks.Directly view automatic production of refractory brick.
refractory brick automatic related equipment
refractory brick automatic molding equipment

Through attending the conference, general manager's speech and visiting Hualong factory, zhengzhou Hualong got more enterprises and leaders' acceptance. Zhengzhou Hualong will also continue to innovate and step ahead to help more refractory material enterprises improve the refractory brick automatic  level of production equipment.

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