How does the servo electric screw press make the enterprise stand out

Author: haloong     Time: 2021-05-26 17:59:39

   At present, the operating quality of the refractory material industry has improved, but the contradictions such as large but not strong, backward overcapacity and so on still exist. In the future, it is one of the main development trends to continue to improve the degree of industrial competition.At present, most resources are concentrated in superior enterprises, while small and medium-sized enterprises only occupy a small part of resources. Small and medium-sized enterprises want to stand out, and the products they produce are of good quality and have characteristics that similar products do not have.

  Product differentiation will be the core competitiveness of refractory materials enterprises in the future. If refractory bricks want to be unique, the key lies in molding equipment.At present, the best thing to do at this point is the servo electric screw press.

electric screw press

Servo control, simulating artificial attack

   Servo electric screw press is controlled by servo, which can realize and store all kinds of strike technology. According to the process parameters input by users, the digital simulation of artificial strike technology is adopted. The method of light pressure exhaust and heavy beating molding is adopted to improve the success rate of products and increase the quality of products.

Create more high value-added products, providing a base for the digital development of enterprises

  The servo electric screw press adopts digital control, which can precisely control the striking energy, freely adjust the striking speed and strength, etc., to realize flexible control, create more high added value products, and provide a base for the digital development of enterprises.

electric screw press

2.0 frame fuselage makes it possible to form large and special products

  The 2.0 frame fuselage of the servo electric screw press can withstand tens of millions of blows in 10 years, and the large workbench mounted on it makes it possible to form all kinds of large and special products.

   The servo electric screw press adopts digital control and can be seamlessly connected with intelligent and automatic production lines, laying a foundation for enterprises to realize full-line automated production.At the same time, servo electric spiral pressure superior performance, so that enterprises in the product process has a greater extension of expansion.

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