How to Enhance the Competitive Power of Firebrick

Author: haloong     Time: 2021-06-10 15:39:30

High temperature resistant material industry is the traditional manufacturing industry of rigid demand,which is an essential part of the development of high temperature industry.With the constant change of the competitive pattern of the resistant material industry,it has a significant impact on the development of the resistant material enterprises.With the further integration and concentration of refractory materials enterprises,most refractory materials enterprises are eliminated or annexed,the main reason is that the competitiveness of refractory bricks produced by enterprises is weak.

 brick press machine

First,promote the upgrading of the brick press machine machine,and promote the development of products toward high quality and diversification

The performance of molding equipment affects the effect of refractory brick after molding,and it is very necessary for refractory material enterprises to promote the upgrading of brick press machine machine.At present,the servo brick press machine machine is more used by the refractory material enterprises.The servo brick press machine machine adopts digital control,which can accurately control the hitting energy,freely adjust the hitting times,strength and speed,realize flexible control,and meet the needs of high quality and diversified development of refractory bricks.

Second,improve the industrial chain and reduce production costs

In addition to the simplicity and quality of firebricks,cost is one of the factors contributing to their weak competitiveness.The cost of firebricks,on the other hand,fluctuates with the price of raw materials.Therefore,refractory material enterprises should integrate material collection into the industrial chain,and form a complete industrial chain of raw material collection and processing-firebrick production-product recovery,so as to resist the risks brought by price fluctuations and reduce production costs.

 brick press machine

Third,increase investment in the research and development of new firebrick,improve the technical content of firebrick

In addition to the above factors,firebrick should also have characteristics.In this regard,refractory material enterprises should focus on the research and development of new firebrick,improve the technical content of firebrick and create the characteristics of firebrick,so as to improve the competitiveness of firebrick.

Resistant material enterprises to develop,need to constantly adjust the strategy according to the change of the situation.The competition among refractory brick enterprises is gradually skewed to the direction of differentiated competition.What refractory material enterprises need to do is to upgrade and transform the existing brick press machine machine and other equipment and form a refractory production line centered on servo brick press machine machine,which lays a good foundation for enhancing the added value and competitiveness of refractory brick.

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