Make a connection between the haze and the friction press

Author: haloong     Time: 2016-12-30 12:44:25

Well ,you may say,how can press machine get associated with haze?
    truly experience : there is the answer after you heard about my truly experience in smog.i rode my e-bike on the road this morning,the visibility is fine as usual and I can drive to 40 yards.however,i just got 20 yards because of the terrible haze.specially,when i through a bridge i could’t see the traffic light at know,it is very dangerous in such a busy crossing site,and the cars remind each other and ensure theirself safety by whistled all the time.
    Every thing will go out :"Smoke is the incense burning on the altars of industry,it is beautiful to me" one Chicago businessman said in 1892.but every thing will go out as well the friction press.we have talked about The development of the friction screw press .as principle of friction press,the motor full-load operation with rated speed from the beginning to the end.the double friction discs stay rotating when work began, but only Effective when blow molding , and then energy wast in loading material, picking brick, clean up the mold.friction press reform can relieve power saving 55%,which can reduce briquette burning,as well the CO, SO, CO and so on.
Green device will go on: A green and energy saving device is important to manufacture as well the nature。Recently,Chinese government pursue effort to High energy consumption,high pollution,high emission,if you are refractory industry and still use friction press,then we’d like to serve friction press reform for free within few hours.what’s more,haloong HLDS series static pressure electric screw press is also wonderful choose,especially for labor saving,power saving,simple structure,low maintain cost,electric Grease Feeding,servomotor control
   What can we do: Well,what can we do actually?if you smoker,pleasure reduce smoking,if you driver,please green driving,if you are still burning briquette,please use coal desulfuration even put out it forever.We don't want to repeat 1952 London fog haze events, more do not want to add a potential disease danger to himself, don't want to live in fear, don't want to let the end of the world coming ahead of time

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