Self-protections in haze pollution

Author: haloong     Time: 2016-12-30 12:51:38

1.Reduce outdoors: Try to reduce outdoor times, This can reduce the inhalation of haze particles , it's best to wear masks to keep dust out of your lungs and filter air when stay outdoor inevitably.
2.Drinking water: Drinking more water can keep the humidity of the body, especially the humidity of the respiratory system, as well make Adsorption to tiny particles that we breathe,and put the waste out of our body quickly.
3.keeping oneself clean:To regularly brush your teeth, wash your face, clean the nasal cavity. This can carry a large number of bacteria and microorganisms of our body.
4.watching your diet:more protein, vitamin A, vitamin C and carotene and more food should be taken in foggy weather. Such as eggs, meat, spinach, cucumber and so on. As well to improve immunity and enhance resistance.
5.Staying happy:our emotions will be influenced easy by the weather,especially in haze days . So we can by listening music, watching movies to maintain a good mood.
6.Pay attention to outing safety: in smog weather,the visibility is poor especially in high-speed way and aviation.then people must to increase attention, as far as possible low speed, please whistle when the road is unclear. Pedestrians when crossing the road would better Watching again and again. To avoid the occurrence of traffic accidents.

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