Please take care of electric screw press machine as a baby

Author: haloong     Time: 2017-04-27 16:01

     Electric screw press machine is a very suitable process forging equipment. Spiral presses are omnipotent, simple structure, easy adjustment and maintenance, slider without bottom dead center, easy to mold design, high precision forgings. Applicable to all kinds of precision forging, finishing, fine pressure, embossing, calibration, school leveling and other processes. Electric screw press machine can be used for hot forging, but also for precision forging, finishing; both for stainless steel pot pressure welding process, but also for titanium alloy blades and other precision forging.
No matter what you use, if it can not be properly maintained and maintained, then it will take a long time, they can not continue to work. Especially the machine. So today, Hualong Machinery on the 37 years in the industry experience to teach you to learn about the electric screw press machine maintenance.

  Please take care of electric screw press machine as a baby 

    First, the clutch, the protection of the brake: to ensure that the clutch, brake action smooth and accurate, the gap between the conflict disk need to be aligned. The gap is too small or the conflict of the gear spline shaft slip bad, come back to break the spring, etc., will form a clutch, brake disengage, Conflict disk bumps, the occurrence of conflict sound, resulting in fever, so that the conflict piece wear, and the main motor current value increases, the conflict disk from the poor, or even show the second drop of the slider appearance.
   Second, the oil equipment maintenance: the relative rotation of the press machine and sliding some if the lack of oil, natural lead to burning, showing problems. Therefore, you should always check the fuel condition carefully, so that it insists on the outstanding situation. First, to see the fuel tank, oil tank, pump and other oil can be enough, there is no dirt; Second, check the oiling parts, oil piping, joints with or without oil spills, if any oil leakage need to replace the seal.
   Third, the maintenance of the gas system: the air will make the machine too much rust, resulting in solenoid valve and a variety of cylinder piston action is bad, it should be noted that the initial end of the air supply pipe near the equipment dehydration equipment, and often check the protection.
   Fourth, tighten the bolt repair: through a long period of time or overload, will make tightening bolts loose. Loose the appearance of the judge, as long as the press machine after the load, the investigation of the chassis base and column contact surface can have oil revenue and expenditure can be. There are oil revenues and expenditures, clarifying the tightening of the bolts. It is risky to carry out the press machine operation in the condition of tightening the tension of the bolt, and it is necessary to fasten it from the head.
   Five, the other screw loose version of the correction: electric screw press machine stamping operations, oscillation, especially high-speed press, high oscillation frequency, the bolt loose fast. Loose bolts often lead to unpredictable incidents that need to be treated carefully.
   Six, transmission system, electrical system and a variety of auxiliary equipment function check the repair. It is necessary to be included in the press machine operating procedures, before the daily operation, boot processing, after the operation, the corresponding items are intended to view and find the problem in a timely manner. deal with.
   Seven, timing accuracy View: follow the use of time continuous, press machine the accuracy is also reduced. Therefore, it should be accurate to view the time, found that the accuracy of the early to make it recover, to avoid the impact of stamping products and mold life. Usually the minimum requirements of the press is to reduce the accuracy of a level, it is necessary to quickly revive rehabilitation, which also facilitate the subsequent quality management.

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