Energy compare between screw press and friction press

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Energy transfer compare between screw press and friction press
friction press
  Friction presses are subjected to short-term shock loads.In other words,The load of the press has a strong impact .And during a complete cycle of work, only in a short period of time which is bearing the working load, while a long time is the air run.On account of The workload is typically around 60% of the design value.The motor for a long time is no-load, and the general motor no-load power factor of 0.20.3, so the existing friction pressure machine energy consumption, effective energy consumption only 20-40% of the total energy. From the energy transfer chain, the friction press through the V-belt will be the energy from the motor to the wheel, the wheel through the friction will pass the energy from the wheel to the flat wheel, flat wheel drive slider up and down movement impact.
energy transfer efficiency details in every link:
 Motor efficiency: L = 96%
V-belt efficiency: M = 90%
Friction efficiency: N = 25-50%​
Spiral side efficiency: Q = 93%
Total efficiency = LXMXNXQ = 96% X90% X25-50% X93% = 20-40%

high efficiency electric screw press for sale
While the electric screw press has the advantages of shortest transmission chain and very high efficiency. Hualong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. as a refractory molding field of power screw press pioneers, carried out a useful attempt, we developed SD20, SD20A series of electric screw presses are widely used in forging molding and refractory molding, the transmission is The motor is driven by the combined triangular belt to drive the positive and negative movement of the screw, which has the characteristics of short transmission chain and high efficiency.
The energy transfer efficiency of each link:
Motor efficiency: L = 96%
V-belt efficiency: M = 90%
Spiral side efficiency: Q = 93%
Total efficiency = LXMXQ = 96% X90% X93% = 80%
From the energy transfer point of view, electric press could save energy 40-60%than the traditional friction press.
Through the above professional data comparison, convincing is obvious. Electric screw presses have those features of more energy saving , environmental protection, power saving. And the noise is small, providing a more comfortable working environment.Now pick up your mobile phone and contact us as follow then know more about automatic power press,brick press machine:

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