The processing property of press machine when bending pieces

Author: haloong     Time: 2017-02-27 15:20:50

  bending parts by forging press  
Today we will introduce metal bending press machine,What shall we pay attention to when processing bending parts? And how about the processing property of press machine?
(1)the corner radius of bend parts should be greater than the minimum bend radius rightly,and for fear of influencing the precision if spring-back.
(2)length of side shouldn’t be too small while generally H>R=2t.Straight edge (non-deformable area) In curved parts, it should be grooved between the curved and non-bent parts to eliminate the elongation deformation and cracking of the non-curved roots.
(3)Trying to avoid bending at irregular size.what’s more,bending line should move little distance once bending in irregular size.
(4)When the bending line is perpendicular to the direction of the sheet fiber, the structural process of the bending piece is better than the parallelism. It should try to avoid bending the bending of the plate and the direction of the fiber parallel to the plate; a bending parts have multiple bending, allowing the bending line and fiber direction into a certain angle.
Above this,then we can reach the conclusion that haloong metal hot forging press machine is the best choose for those advantages as follow: servo motor,self-lubrication system,fool operation(on button),damping design,safe grating,and apply to hot forging industrial and cold forging manufacturing.Therefore,this press machine also called as servo forging press,energy saving stamping press,auto hot forging press,cold forging machine.

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