It’s worth every penny of electric screw press

Author: haloong     Time: 2017-03-14 17:26:12

  Until now,there are hundreds of electric screw press on the national market.maybe they catch buyers’ eyes with premium castings,power saving,safety,even the earlist patent.even the price puzzle us because it’s sometimes only thousands usd and sometimes millions of dollars.

cnc operate screw press

    So, in such a chaotic market and products should be how to pick out is beneficial to the development of enterprise press, this is about to the challenges of equipment more technical parameter, performance characteristic and using effect, it is better to spend more money to buy out products and quality control of products.
    National five-year plan promote green production, for the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction are no exception, of course, we choose to press not only to achieve energy saving and improve production quality, efficiency and safety.

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