Brick press develop with irresistible force

Author: haloong     Time: 2017-03-13 16:54:28

     Modern industrial machinery and equipment are development to a bright future.And now, from the original manual operation to semi-automatic and partly mechanical automation, liberated from the more labor force, it will also promote the overall social efficiency.In today's brick machinery and equipment industry, block press machinery mechanical automation level plays a critical role in the development of enterprises.Just like ceramic brick press machine, in a few years the development of situation, we can see, updates of machinery and equipment , key or not is a clear reference to the enterprise development.
      From the technical level, domestic equipment with foreign brands have little  gap, and domestic equipment have the rich category, higher cost performance advantages, the future in the overseas market share is expected to further expand completely.
     With the improvement of our social development , equipment use of saving energy and reducing consumption, the ceramic enterprises increasingly strict, and now the production capacity of ceramic tile production line one of sharply higher, prompted refractory press on the basis of the original technology to energy conservation and environmental protection, single large output achieved further development.
     So the weight of large-tonnage brick press machine usually reached more than 170 tons, far beyond the weight of our country's road transportation permits, transportation and handling of equipment caused great difficulties.Now that haloong machinery research and development manufacturing brick press machine are also actively developing new structure, make the brick molding machine overall structure on the premise of guarantee the equipment accuracy can be split transportation, field assembly.
    In general, saving energy and reducing consumption and single output is the press market reflected more obvious trend.Behind the more the development trend of medium pressure machine intelligence and physical in net also will be the trend of compressor technology, intelligence can be improved the quality of the products and products for our customers.

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