The characteristics of electric screw press machine during o

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   press machine is a kind of forging equipment with good applicability in forging process.whats more,the  press machine also been of advantages of simple structure,low maintenance cost,slider without bottom dead center,Easy for mold design,high precision for forging parts,etc.Applicable to all kinds of precision forging, finishing, fine pressure, embossing, calibration, school leveling and other processes.  press machine can be used for hot forging, but also for precision forging, finishing; both for stainless steel pot pressure welding process, but also for titanium alloy blades and other precision forging.

 The characteristics of electric screw press machine during operation

Energy control is accurate, the number of high travel:
    Forging type is mainly used for hot forging, precision type is mainly used for tableware, knives, scissors, clamp and other forging cold forging, fine pressure, correction, bending, embossing and other fine pressure process. Can be widely used in trains, cars, tractors, ships, aviation, hardware tools, medical equipment, tableware and other industries.
Simple structure, easy to maintain:
    Simple structure, compact, short drive chain, easy operation and maintenance, maintenance workload is very small, save labor and maintenance costs, safe operation.
According to the forging forming process, adjust the impact and combat energy:
    Forging forming high precision, mold stress is small, mold life is long.
The use of advanced motor drive electrical control technology:
    When the press machine is working, it will not impact the power grid and affect the normal operation of other equipment. Strike action outside the motor downtime, no power consumption.
Hydraulic oil leakage problem:
    Compared with the hydraulic  press machine, without the need for complex hydraulic drive equipment, there is no leakage of hydraulic oil pollution and hydraulic problems.
No fixed bottom dead line:
    There is no fixed bottom deadline do not have to adjust the height of the mold, will not produce boring car phenomenon.
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