Currently development trend of press machine

Author: haloong     Time: 2017-04-17 17:30:47

      Press machine industry is an important part of China's industrial economic, with China's capital construction and sustainable development of the national economy, construction machinery and equipment industry has undergone great changes. So, what is the current development trend of China's press machine industry?

Currently development trend of press machine

CNC and high speed:

      In the rapid development of modern today, press machine equipment is also constantly changing with the ever-changing. The traditional press machine is not only low yield, low degree of control, and the technology is subject to certain restrictions, the quality of the production of brick is not very good. Now through the application of advanced technology, more press machine equipment tends to high-tech, CNC development, which to the development of the press machine industry into the infinite power. Technology is the fundamental development of press machine, the current press equipment tonnage from small to large, more and more advanced technology, and gradually toward the NC, the direction of the development of efficient

     The traditional press machine can only produce a product, with the diversification of products and market demand continues to expand, people's demand for products more and more broad range. If a presses can only produce a kind of product, in order to produce more products to increase the investment cost of equipment, so the current press machine towards the direction of multi-functional development, the use of advanced technology to achieve a multi-purpose function , Great to meet the needs of the market and users

Energy saving, environmen protection:
     Previously, the production of brick most of the use of clay as raw materials, long-term development will inevitably lead to the serious consequences of land resources depletion. And now the rapid economic development, power plant fly ash garbage, industrial waste, construction waste more and more, a new generation of press machine can effectively use these waste resources to produce new environmentally friendly wall materials, to achieve energy saving, Treasure, to improve the recycling of waste resources, towards the direction of environmental protection.
     With the rapid development of science and technology and economic level, the press industry is also developing rapidly, moving in a more advanced direction, using advanced technology to achieve more functions, to promote the comprehensive development of the green building industry, the press machine to maximize the Role, reflecting more value.

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