Design of Working Ability of Servo Press

Author: haloong     Time: 2018-05-23 11:36:30

    Servo press driven by the heavy-duty servo motor, cancel the flywheel, clutch and brake and other energy-consuming components, completely by the motor torque work, through the screw, multi-link and other multi-stage multi-stage force to achieve a small motor force, and then by the motor The drive unit controls the motion of the slider. It has the advantages of intelligent, flexible, high precision, environmental protection and energy saving.

  The servo press is a new generation of environmentally friendly presses driven by heavy duty servo motors. It includes crankshaft, toggle and screw. The machine is programmed by the servo motor to control the start and stop of the slider and the position, speed and acceleration of each moment. This allows the slider to have the most suitable travel curve for the workpiece, so as to meet the flexible production requirements, Complete stamping, fine blanking, stretching, extrusion and multi-point molding and other stamping process. Servo presses with high efficiency, precision, energy saving, environmental protection, easy operation and maintenance characteristics, as an important member of the forging equipment. The reciprocating working conditions of the press also serve as the servo motor at low duty cycle to play its heavy load the strength of the long, so that the perfect combination of the two.

Servo press structure:
  Servo press sets of single-double-point closed press typical structure and the corresponding operating parameters and good line stiffness and lateral stiffness as a whole, to suppress the precise parts of the product provides a favorable guarantee.
Complete a variety of operating specifications:
  Jogging, jogging, swinging, multi-point continuous, stepping, automatic, adjustment and linkage by the manipulation of control to complete.
Programming, display and monitoring:
  The ability is completed by the CNC system and software, including the process of visualization and operation of security monitoring.
In general, the use of servo motor drive press to achieve static torque drive is a very economical way to use, it makes the motor capacity is moderate and the system response quickly, easy to use and maintenance. In addition, the benefits and necessity of working with 70% of rated loads are emphasized.
   Zhengzhou Hualong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in 2009 successfully developed a servo press, and made its extensive promotion, through continuous research and improvement, through international cooperation and production and research combined to achieve a full CNC servo press research and development. The application of new materials and new technologies provides the necessary technical support, the cost has also been effectively controlled. Which laid a foundation for large-scale servo press to market.

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