How CNC electric screw press can avoid the cracking of refractory bricks ?

Author: haloong     Time: 2019-05-27 16:47:18

The forming of refractory brick is using external force and model to compress the brick material so that the material in the mold becomes a body with a certain size, shape, density and strength. It is an important process in the preparation process of refractory brick, and the quality of molding quality directly affects the final product.

The quality of adobe is represented by single weight, size and pass rate. Common defects such as lack of edge, Angle of drop, honeycomb, flax, layer crack, etc. can affect the rate of forming. But the most serious flaw is the hidden layer.

In order to reduce the cracks, the operation should be carried out according to the rules of "first light, after heavy and slow up". The "first light" is mainly to expel the air. The residual compressed air in the adobe can obviously increase the elastic aftereffect of the blank. "Post heavy" is to increase the density of adobe. "Slow up" is designed to slow down the pressure and reduce the elasticity. Even so, the friction press is formed by stamping, and the internal quality and size of the bricks are difficult to control precisely.

Refractory bricks spallation phenomenon, are often need once, twice, three times, the multi working procedures to eliminate, but often there is difficult to eliminate the phenomenon, so improve the quality of refractory bricks, reduce adobe spallation risk, is the important part in the process of refractory brick pressing.

power press machine

Haloong CNC electric screw press, relying on digital control, pressure control and unloading speed control based on the requirement, even controlling the mould pressure curve of each brick, ensure the reasonable distribution of the pressure in time and space. It is beneficial to eliminate the air and realize automatic control, and obtain the bricks with uniform density, precise size and few cracks, and obtain high quality brick.

Single stroke, high and low speed, free transition, first light press deairing, then heavy press, fully simulate manual working process. Efficiency, quality is for guarantee. At present, some of the large refractory enterprises in China and foreign country, such as PU steel, Sino Steel ,Refra and RHI, have chosen the Haloong CNC electric screw press. The Haloong CNC electric screw press can also provide customized to double-sided pressurization, because double pressure can effectively improve the quality of adobe.


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