The important role of electric screw press in pressing magnesium-carbon brick

Author: haloong     Time: 2020-05-09 10:28:04

Magnesia carbon brick has many good refractory properties, better than alumina refractory bricks. We usually use magnesium-carbon firebrick in the harsh environment. It is the first choice of firebrick for industrial furnaces. Magnesium-carbon brick is generally used in steel, steel, hot blast furnace, electric furnace top, blast furnace, reflector furnace, rotary kiln lining and other industrial furnaces.

In order to obtain high quality magnesium-carbon bricks, good press molding equipment must be used as the basis. How to improve the quality of magnesia carbon brick, that is, the strength of magnesia carbon brick, we must first improve the quality of the performance of the firebrick molding press. The electric screw press with servo drive system is very suitable for pressing and forming magnesium-carbon brick.

First, because it is a servo motor driving system, the press speed error is 0.0001/ revolution, high control accuracy. The servo motor is relatively fast, can realize single stroke high, low speed free transformation, can simulate the artificial strike process, the connecting hammer effect is good. Double pressure is adopted, the connecting hammer has good effect, multiple pressure, full exhaust, which makes the density of magnesium-carbon brick products even up and down.

The friendly human-machine interface of Haloong electric screw press can set the strike times, strike strength and strike speed digitally according to the needs of different forming processes of magnesium-carbon bricks, and control the whole process of forming by program, so as to reduce human factors and improve the quality stability of magnesium-carbon bricks.

Haloong servo electric screw press adopts one-button operation, no need for mature press operator, press the button can automatically complete the whole set of blow process, save process, emergency stop button, emergency braking can be realized at any time, improve the safety of magnesium-carbon brick production. In addition, there are infrared safety grating to form a safety light screen, to ensure the safety of personnel. Using program control grease lubrication system, timing and quantitative automatic lubrication, increase the service life of the equipment, reduce the production cost.

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