The main technical parameters of the electric screw press

Author: haloong     Time: 2016-11-25 17:17:41

 The main technical parameters of the electric screw press reflect the technological capability of the electric screw press, the size of the machined product and the index of the productivity. It is also an important basis for the purchase of the electric screw press.
1. Nominal pressure KN: point to max working pressure that any site before the slide reach BDC(bottom dead center)
2. Slide stroke:point to distance that slide from TDC(
top dead center) to BDC.
3. Stroke No.point to a whole reciprocating motion,which the slide from TDC to BDC,and back to TDC.
4. Worktable size: worktable size determines the size of the mold base.the size of center hole sliding block determines the size of mould processing materials allow spring top and installation size。

The key point of buying electric screw press.
1. Electric screw press nominal pressure should be greater than all the processes needed for the total pressure.
2. Electric screw press stroke should satisfy product produced in height to the required size, and guarantee that can take the product from the mold after stamping.
3. Electric screw press trip electric screw press height (see note) working mesa size and the slide block size should be the correct installation should satisfy meet mould making products in height can obtain the required size, and guarantee that can take the product from the mold after stamping
4. The number of strokes per minute of the slider should correspond to the rate of production and deformation of the material
5. Under normal circumstances do not consider the motor power, but the special punching when the pressure occurs enough and the phenomenon of power overload, the motor should be greater than the power required when punching the power
Remark: The closing height of the electric screw press refers to the height of the bottom of the slider to the bottom of the press table to the bottom dead center.

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