The price depended on the value---cnc press machine

Author: haloong     Time: 2016-11-28 16:19:09

Welcome to haloong family,today we will talk a interesting topic--the price and the value.There are brothers,can’t be way to get a quality punch machine with bargain price,neither for high cost but terrible press machine.only premium for premium.
Believe that you have heard about the cnc electric screw press,however,how many do you know the electric automatic press machine?refractory brick machine?metal stamping machines?and few people think about this equipment through its benefits. Ok,i will give you a new impression about the price,cnc press machine. With the purpose to make buyers understand the value of CNC presses is far greater than its price.then you can choice the most suitable product,rather than be wedded to price.otherwise,this will only make excellent CNC punch machine passed you. 


The price of CNC electric screw press machine and program-controlled electric screw press is built on its important role and basis for different use,the different price.for example,haloong CNC presses mainly produce refractory brick,only two workers required,then saving $12,300.flexible choose,both of illiterate or inexperienced is ok with button operation.what’s more,empty press energy saving 50%,clay brick、high aluminum brick energy saving 70%,aluminum sic brick energy saving 50%,all the energy saving add up to (38 million degrees × 0.8) × 50% = ¥152,000,and $23,300.


With the extensive promotion of CNC presses, CNC presses become the focus of the price naturally, is not expensive prohibitive? Or is it the same price as most machines? In fact, these are not the ultimate value of the machine, each of the advanced technology products are to be able to liberate the productive forces, leading the industry to take off and promote social development. Not just the price can be completely CNC presses the role and value reflected. We learned in the economic book price is the value of the embodiment of the value of the decision price, commodity prices will fluctuate around the value of their own. CNC presses the price is like this, the price will not be targeted, but from the NC presses brought great benefits.

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