refractory brick fire ball making machine Glossary

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         Bricks machine Glossary: brick making machine also called as refractory brick machine fire ball making machine,which use of industrial waste: fly ash, coal gangue, slag, slag and a variety of tailings slag as the main raw material. High Pressure brick production line of advanced technology, reasonable design, stable performance, reliable technology, pressure, smooth operation, high production efficiency, widely used in sic brick,fly ash brick,acid resistance brick,high alumina corundum brick, and is the ideal production equipment of building materials enterprises .

Brick molding machinery Features:

1: the pressure, nominal pressure up to 1600KN;
2: the transmission part of a complete seal, the piston multiple dust, pressure oil, circulation lubrication, reduce wear and tear, extend machine life;
3:with pressure display, overload, lack of oil automatic shutdown, mechanical failure alarm and other functions;
4:the use of automotive universal joint to the transfer mechanism, turning more flexible, stable and durable;
5:the use of high-speed flywheel energy storage, power consumption, high output;
6: the main pieces of pressure selection of high-quality steel with special processing and refining, to meet the most pressure in the work intensity.

Maintenance and Inspection:
      1: should always keep the press clean, remove the brick press waste, oil, scrub the external surface of the brick machine.
      2: often check and adjust the gap between the various parts of the press to ensure the normal production of press.

3: if the machine needs long-term storage, the parts do rust protection, and check every three months, the use of gasoline to be wiped clean, and re-coated with oil.
4:vulnerable parts wear to the impact of brick press work, should be replaced.
5:press the normal operation of the press, the six months should be a small repair inspection, overhaul should be done once a year check.
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