How to choose refractory brick molding equipment?

Author: haloong     Time: 2020-05-18 16:49:24

When setting up a new factory for the production of refractory brick products, refractory brick press machine must be selected and purchased.

If these enterprises are small and medium-sized manufacturing plants, according to the current and future production of goods to choose the appropriate tonnage and quantity of electric screw press. Because the electric screw brick press operation and maintenance is simple, small and medium-sized enterprises easy to operate.

Some enterprises that expand or carry out technological transformation should also acquire brick presses according to their needs

For large and medium-sized refractory material production enterprises, if it is necessary to produce high-grade products or high-performance products, according to the specific products can choose the appropriate molding equipment.If the production function refractory material and other special products, you can choose the static pressure molding device, such as the production of high-grade furnace lining brick, you can choose the more advanced spiral pressure brick machine or the pressure brick machine with vacuum function, you can also choose the large tonnage of electric screw press.

The old machine update the situation is relatively simple, according to the original model and some advanced to choose and buy, choose and buy the current more advanced brick press machine. Choose and buy press brick machine equipment and choose and buy other equipment, it is to want to consider a lot of factors to decide synthetically, it is by no means above a few kinds of situation place can generalize.

For the small and medium-sized enterprises can refer to the molding equipment of other manufacturers for selection, but also can be consulted on the relevant issues, in order to make full and reasonable use of the limited funds. In addition, the choice of forming equipment technical parameters should be surplus, should have a certain sense of advance, in order to adapt to the needs of technology and the continuous development of production.

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