How to realize the planning of automatic firebrick production line step by step in refractory material enterprises?

Author: haloong     Time: 2021-05-11 16:15:10

The government has vigorously promoted the policy of robot replacement, and the "robot revolution" has blossomed everywhere. Many enterprises have embarked on the journey of factory automation. Automated assembly lines appear sporadically in enterprises, and unmanned factories have gradually become the development trend of future factories.

The refractory material enterprises, difficult to recruit, aging, difficult to manage and other problems are increasingly obvious, the refractory material industry CNC intelligent automation is gradually put on the agenda, some forward-looking enterprises have achieved the semi-automatic production of refractory brick assembly line.

The   firebrick automation production line mainly includes batching automation and forming automation.

Batching automation

The automation of the batching process effectively improves the batching accuracy, improves the quality of products, greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers, improves the work efficiency and improves the working environment.

The whole ingredients automation process implementation calls within the computer formula, start ingredients, car order, according to the formula ingredients, after completion of ingredients, according to the instruction to move to the specified position of mixer, aggregate is put first, add fluid, charging is completed, put powder, feeding trolley automatically after the completion of the back to the starting position, to complete a workflow,Liquid crystal display can monitor the automatic working state of the equipment;

Make the batching workshop dust, batching work unmanned, reduce the enterprise production cost and management intensity, improve the technical level of enterprise production equipment and product science and technology content.

automatic firebrick production line

Automatic batching system

Molding automation

The application of servo technology opens a door for the precise control of modern machinery.After years of development, servo technology has been widely used in the field of press.It has been accepted by more and more manufacturers. The application of servo technology in the press has shown its obvious advantages.

At present, servo numerical control press has been widely used in many enterprises. Servo numerical control press can set the process according to the digital products and operate with one key.

automatic firebrick production line

CNC screw press

Many enterprises are very advanced in batching automation and firebrick forming.But how to pour good material into the pressure machine mold cavity, this step is how to butt it?

At present in many resistant material enterprises or see the use of artificial cloth.First use the rubbing bucket loading, and then use the scale, there is error, and then manually to increase or decrease the material.

There are also some resistant material enterprises in this link chose the application of new technology, Hualong automatic weighing distributor.It can realize automatic feeding, measuring and weighing, and distributing to the mold cavity.It can reduce the use of a manual, and avoid the influence of human factors on product quality, and ensure the consistency of product quality.

automatic firebrick production line

Automatic weighing and distributing machine can be connected with various types of press

About the brick, palletizing robot part, at present, many enterprises whether in the cost or scheme consideration, in the implementation are still a certain degree of difficulty.The automation of firebrick production is not achieved overnight, it is a process, is constantly improved and improved.

Hualong firebrick automatic production line is not a standard model, nor is it a place to show others "showy"

We according to the actual situation of the enterprise to develop a one-to-one automation program, committed to solving the actual technology and problems of each customer, improve product quality, reduce the cost of raw materials and labor, change the workers bad operating environment, so that the enterprise to obtain real benefits.

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