How to choose the press machine according to the specific situation of the refractory plant

Author: haloong     Time: 2021-05-13 18:08:13

With the rapid development of the times, the refractory industry, as a basic industry developed by the country, is facing challenges in all aspects while obtaining development opportunities. The choice of equipment for refractory plants has always been a question that refractory entrepreneurs pay more attention to. So, how to choose the right press machine according to your own situation? Below we give concentrated recommendations.

1.If the company has a large number of stable customers, and the demand is large and stable, it can purchase electric screw presses in batches according to the output, and enterprises with conditions can add hydraulic presses.

press machine

2. Choose the appropriate press tonnage according to the product type. If the factory is mainly engaged in the production of converter bricks and electric furnace bricks, choose 630T and 1000T press machine, and choose 400T appropriately; if the factory mainly produces ladle bricks, then Choose 400T and 630T press machine, and buy 1000T presses appropriately.

3. The company can purchase a 1200T or 1600T press machine under the premise that the factory funds allow it, so that it has obvious advantages when producing products with a unit weight of more than 40Kg, such as converter bricks with a length of more than 850mm. , Impact plate, ladle nozzle block, converter outlet steel mouth and so on.

4. According to the actual production situation, if it is fully loaded, the monthly output of 400T press is not less than 300 tons, the monthly output of 630T is not less than 400 tons, and the monthly output of 1000T machine is not less than 600 tons. Reasonably purchase presses according to their own contract conditions. When purchasing a press machine, you must consider the capacity margin, and take into account the repair and maintenance of the press. The servo electric screw press produced by Hualong adopts a fully sealed static pressure structure, which effectively protects the press and reduces the failure rate of the equipment.

press machine

5. If the transformation is based on the old factory, the previous friction press can be transformed into an electric screw press. According to the transformation experience of the refractory factory that Hualong has served, if a press is fully loaded In one year, the saved labor cost and power cost can completely exceed the cost of equipment transformation.

To sum up, the refractory plant needs to choose the press machine reasonably according to its own production capacity, plant situation, financial situation and long-term planning.

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